How did the Industrial Revolution Change England?

The Industrial Revolution was arguably one of the most important time periods in England. The Industrial Revolution was when some very important innovations were invented, such as the steam engine, the telegraph, the telephone, the cotton gin. During the Industrial Revolution, both man and machine were affected due to the changes.

Before the Industrial Revolution, people did not have any transportation, therefore not being able to travel away from their own village. Because of this, people had to have a big market square that was most convenient for everybody where they could by things that farmers and factories sold, for example, clothing and food. However, now, because people have quick transportations such as cars and trains, people can buy food from different supermarkets all over the city or town. Everyone in the town had to rely on each other to live. Life was a constant battle against famine, overwork, sheer bad luck and a wicked landlord. Most people in England now, live a comfortable life with enough money to support a family. Children had to work at least 10 hours a day to earn money for his or her family. The children’s parents did not have enough money to enroll them in a school. Education was poor, only the rich being catered for by nannies and private tutors. There were schools and several universities. These were not for the ordinary man or woman though